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  • Pregnant women are not permitted to use the circuit.
  • The Despacio Thalasso Centre is a relaxation and wellness centre, so it is strictly forbidden to make noise, run or use the pools as a play area. Guests should always move from one area to another by walking, never by swimming.
  • A swimming costume, cap, towel and flip-flops must be used.
  • A swimsuit and towel are required in order to use the sauna and Turkish bath.
  • To be admitted to the gym, guests must have sports shoes, a T-shirt and a towel.
  • It is totally forbidden to enter when wet.
  • The minimum age for entering the circuit and the gym is 16 years.
  • Any person accessing the centre accepts its rules of operation.
  • If you are interested in using the water circuit or having any of our treatments and you suffer from a physical ailment, consult your doctor and bear in mind that these activities are contraindicated for people with cardiorespiratory problems or 
    an overactive thyroid.

Changing room area:

  • Keep your locker key with you at all times. The company accepts no responsibility for anything lost in the locker area. If you have valuables with you, we advise you to leave them at the centre’s Front Desk.
  • When finished, leave the bathrobe and towel in the trolley and hand the key in at the Front Desk or leave it in the locker