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Responsible Water

At H10 Rubicón Palace we care about the environment. We substitute the typical service of bottled water with a plastic bottle for a reusable one.

With this measure we avoid the use of 4000 plastic bottles per day, that is, 1,500,000 plastic bottles per year

→ Take away service: Aluminum and stainless steel bottle (Available at all points of sale)

The points of sale for water refilling are:

  • Bar Choza
  • Mike''s Coffee
  • Bistro Bar
  • Food Truck 1 and 2
  • Piano Bar
  • Disco
  • Pub Beafeater

→ Table service at the restaurants - Cristal Bottle Km 0

Water with gas 0,75l: 2,50 €
Still water 0.75l: € 2.50  €